Software y App MASTER SPY

Quintessential application to control your partner and children.

Master Spy SoftwareMaster Spy is a program designed to run on all mobile devices and computers. This software tracks the phone number that you introduce, besides the corresponding prefix; collects all information from the smartphone or iphone: WhatsApp conversations, email, facebook messenger, signal coverage, battery, unlock pattern, among many other things.

Our non-application may be found in the Play Store or the App Store.

Master Spy

Master Spy is an application which is also valid on the computer. This is the most used tool in the Hispanic world, many Spanish companies is used to track cell of its employees, and in Argentina its main function is to control the children and spy unfaithful girlfriends or unfaithful husbands.


Essential features:

  • Track cell wherever you are, without having to be connected to internet.
  • You can view all actions performed live.
  • First tool NOT NEED THE CELL OF ANOTHER PERSON, everything is done remotely knowing only the area code and phone number.
  • Besides spying WhatsApp also other social networks like Facebook.

La guía de espía (Free Master Spy)

We present the famous 2015 book, currently only available online version (ebook) but will be released soon. ‘The guide Spy’ groups personalities and characteristics of people have when it comes to lie or hide things, teaches us how to spy on your partner or have controlled spy aThe guide of good copy our children, all as subtle as possible, contains tutorials best spies spying applications as WhatsApp talks also included free for a limited time the app / software Master Spy.

It is recommended for jealous, or just for the partner to be more suspicious couples need to have a self-confidence and your partner, why include the Master Spy program for you to follow all his steps book because now we use our smartphone / iphone as a “member” of our body. Is also concerned about facing their teenagers parents who send photos to strangers, or simply to know their whereabouts and their relationships pudiéndolas cut time (if they were bad).

*The digital book includes the Master Spy and Spy Whatsapp , will send it to your email within 48 hours .