Master Spy has a lot of functions, but mainly is being used to spy WhatsApp, GPS tracking and intercept call.

conversaciones whatsapp

Spy WhatsApp has become a mass phenomenon, we have recently been published in prestigious American newspapers Latin world, and from here greetings to all who put confidence in ourselves and in each of our team members.

We have appeared published in:

And no doubt that our tool is the best or the best applications to spy WhatsApp, allowing use in spy mode devices of any type, works well with Android, iPhone, and any personal computer OS.

Of course you can download from our website in the links to download the file, then we leave the direct link to our page where he explains step by step how to download the software Master Spy:

The use to spy WhatsApp is very simple, once we have downloaded the software or app on our device, we should just check the box shown below:

Master spy para espiar whatsapp

After performing step 1 and step 2nd charge us for 2 minutes maximum talks and then show us; We can scroll through and seeing all conversations and files that were transferred.

We know for a fact that users want Master Spy to spy WhatsApp since more than 93% of the Hispanic population Whatsapp used to be a free communication tool.


If you need to have controlled their children, monitor their colleagues or employees from work or simply have problems in their love affair and must spy on his girlfriend or otherwise spy on her boyfriend did not hesitate to try our application / software .






Spy on a cell phone and your social networks

It has become clear in recent days of the effectiveness of Master Spy spying cell anonymously and free, and more than 18,000 people worldwide have our software / app.


Master Spy since the market was published as a mobile application, it has been used countless times but to record figures, we can ensure that more than 580,000 phones have been spied upon and tracked our application (also available for PC).

What users say about spy and track a cell phone?

gps-localizar[Fernando, from Chile, 34 years] When my wife and I had our daughter (14 years ago) we were worried about their future, especially the problems in adolescence, currently we use Master Spy to spy on his cell phone to know the exact location .

[Jose, from Spain, 23 years] I was cool the idea of spy photos of my friends, when I began to feel attracted to one of them clearly looking for a software compatible with my device … since I’m spying and currently are couple.

[Carmina, from the US, 28 years] I have been working in the US two separate years old my husband, one day I felt weird and decided to spy on her cell phone with Master Spy, and saw that deceived me, since I’m single carefree and enjoying life because this application made me see the reality.

The opinions we get usually are good for users who buy our digital book will offer a technical service via email.

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The best option, track a cell phone, social networks.

The main idea of users to download and use Master Spy is a cell that can spy spying and entails their social networks know the passwords, the pictures you send, the receiving, observing the Instagram …

By social networks it is primarily where the couple often deceive, and if you want to spy on your spouse, because they suspected something we welcome you to try our app / software. You will discover if he lies or if it really is a faithful husband or wife.