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How to download Master Spy?

Master Spy in 2016 beating this record and not is less than the new updates that have been implemented have been great pleasure for the majority of users, is the littleapp to track down the couple that still work.


rastrear celulares

Today these applications are the order of the day, around 87% of households that have Internet in their lives, use an application to spy on the couple, or as a parental control; tracking cell phones is not illegitimate, quite the opposite is something thatyou must do to have the children well controlled (spying your Whatsapp, but alwaysto a certain limit.)

We should know that Master Spy can be used from an Android, Iphone (Ipad) device or from your computer, it should install it from where you want it to use.

Master Spy does not have to be installed on the device of the person you want to spy on, must install it on your device, and once installed on our own, we must put the phone number and the prefix of the person that you want to track.

Download app to spy cell, Master Spy

Some users ask us every day from where I download? get me what is advertising? isit free? To all of that and more we will answer here.

Where you get to download it?
We recommend that you make it from our website, although it is true that in otherwebsites you can download it, only we give a support once the you have downloaded from our server.


Where this link/link to download?

At the end of this article you will leave a button to download, Android, iPhone (Ipad)or PC. But first you must share on a social network to unlock the download button, in ocasciones it takes about 7 seconds to load.


Is it free? because I have to put my credit card?
It is free, so far we have not thought about putting payment but if some day will beit, but before you ask for a confirmation, the credit card or telephone number mustput it to verify that we are a real person and not a bot trying to saturate the server.


And if I have no credit card?
The only thing you can do is to download it by the anonymous server, which will askyou for your email or phone number verification, this download is slower, we alwaysrecommend the fast download which is more secure and more efficient.


How do I register to download the free Master Spy?
A user on the network has published a “Guide” to the steps to download from the private server, we leave the video.

Finally we leave the button to share on social networks and unlock the button to perform the download of the Master Spy App.

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master spy android master spy iphone


Esta es la descarga para PC


Spy on a cell phone and your social networks

It has become clear in recent days of the effectiveness of Master Spy spying cell anonymously and free, and more than 18,000 people worldwide have our software / app.


Master Spy since the market was published as a mobile application, it has been used countless times but to record figures, we can ensure that more than 580,000 phones have been spied upon and tracked our application (also available for PC).

What users say about spy and track a cell phone?

gps-localizar[Fernando, from Chile, 34 years] When my wife and I had our daughter (14 years ago) we were worried about their future, especially the problems in adolescence, currently we use Master Spy to spy on his cell phone to know the exact location .

[Jose, from Spain, 23 years] I was cool the idea of spy photos of my friends, when I began to feel attracted to one of them clearly looking for a software compatible with my device … since I’m spying and currently are couple.

[Carmina, from the US, 28 years] I have been working in the US two separate years old my husband, one day I felt weird and decided to spy on her cell phone with Master Spy, and saw that deceived me, since I’m single carefree and enjoying life because this application made me see the reality.

The opinions we get usually are good for users who buy our digital book will offer a technical service via email.

If you want more information about our product or see other similar products have to offer, unlocks the following content sharing and see the rest of the information:

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The best option, track a cell phone, social networks.

The main idea of users to download and use Master Spy is a cell that can spy spying and entails their social networks know the passwords, the pictures you send, the receiving, observing the Instagram …

By social networks it is primarily where the couple often deceive, and if you want to spy on your spouse, because they suspected something we welcome you to try our app / software. You will discover if he lies or if it really is a faithful husband or wife.